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Your Motivation – A study has proved that coming into Success Studio at least twice a week can improve your mood and keep that weight off! Hard to argue with science - Come see us!

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If you haven't visited our Facebook Page then you are missing out. Pictures, Tips and Motivational Quotes; Personal training humor at its best, what more could you want? WARNING* This page will make you laugh continuously creating an additional abdominal workout

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Rock Your Jeans Challenge

Rock Your Jeans is BACK! If you're tried of wrestling yourself into your jeans or just want to make those jeans that do fit look a little bit better then come down to Success Studio. We are starting a challenge that is just between you, yourself and a pair of jeans you want to successfully fit into. Our Program will take you 8 weeks to complete in which you will be armed with 4 training sessions a week. *Two metabolic based and two weight lifting based. *Weekly accountability meetings with other people in the program *And a nutrition journal which will help you kick start some healthy eating habits! What could be better then learning and developing great eating and work out habits right before the holiday season! You want to look THAT good in your jeans, people stop and have to STARE! Success Studio is located in Ivy Square 2125 Ivy Road, Suite G1 (We face the railroad tracks - In the Foods of All Nations shopping square) Call us at 434.984.2277 or Visit our Facebook RYJ Page

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Andy Kraft, wife and Mother of 2:
"At first I was hesitant about starting and committing to a new lifestyle but now, weeks later I have gained courage and expect more of myself. Coming to Success Studio has become a part of my everyday life. Taking care of myself has made me feel more confident in taking care of my family and expecting the best for them."

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